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We are AbbeyPost.

We're a small, nimble team building a solution for the underserved Plus Size market. We're not the usual startup team--we're diverse

We bring to the table extensive experience in ecommerce, legit skills in our respective responsibilities, a passion for solutions, and the willingness to move mountains one teaspoon of dirt at a time.  

But who are we under the surface?

Our core philosophy centers around seven key principles:

  1. Humility
  2. Teachability
  3. Teamwork
  4. Transparency
  5. User Focus
  6. Empowerment
  7. Philanthropy    

Humility: We own our mistakes, but more importantly, we learn from them. We know that no matter how much success we may enjoy, there's always someone out there much more awesome than we'll ever be. And that's OK.

Teachability: We strive every day to learn from our successes, failures, customer insights, metrics, and our valued advisors and mentors.

Teamwork: While we're each experts in the things we each do best, we value the perspectives of every team member on every key decision--and a lot of smaller decisions. We know that two heads are a lot better than one.

Transparency: If you're part of our trusted circle, there's nothing held back. The good, the bad, the ugly. We're brutally honest with ourselves and expect the same from our partners. We believe that transparency to the market is also a key facet of our differentiation and culture, so we work hard to be open and honest with our customers.

User Focus: In the immortal (paraphrased) words of a certain giant robot dinosaur: Fight for your users, even when it means fighting yourself. We love our users; we truly care about them; their needs come first. When they're wrong, we'll gently let them know. But when they're right, that's our blueprint.

Empowerment: Every AbbeyPost team member is empowered to make the best decisions on behalf of the customer. No stupid policies getting in the way of a great user experience. It's also important to us to empower communication and understanding inside and across the organization.

Philanthropy: We're deeply inspired by Marc Benioff and the fact that Salesforce has had a philanthropic mission from its first day. We are emulating the 1/1/1 model, and have committed 1% of our company's Pre-IPO equity to the development of philanthropic programs at AbbeyPost. In addition, 1% of every team member's time is spent on actively working on a charitable cause of his or her choice. Lastly, in a slight modification to the Salesforce model, we commit to working with charitable causes to develop a program to allow donations of returned items directly to charitable causes.  

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