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How It Works

Personalized design. Classic wardrobe essentials. Customized fit.

AbbeyPost is committed to bringing personalized fit and customized design to classic American sportswear for women of all shapes and sizes.

At AbbeyPost we know that human bodies are each shaped differently. Most manufacturers start with a single pattern and “grade” up or down, depending on size. This works great if you are a cookie cutter shape, a cookie cutter size or, well, a cookie. Except you’re not. You’re a woman, with unique curves. And when clothes off the rack don’t fit those curves , you’ve probably been stuck having to “make it work.”

This is what AbbeyPost is committed to fixing. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds including apparel design, manufacturing, and technology. So we look at fashion in a whole new way. We've developed exclusive software that offers you complete personalization and customization. Choose your sleeve length, neckline, and hem length, and have it Made to Measure just for you!

We use nifty advanced technologies like CAD/CAM, algorithmic patterning, and a bunch of other nerdy-sounding things. Using these unique manufacturing innovations, we produce high quality, fully Custom clothing quickly (less than 2 weeks) and efficiently, right here in America. You get Made to Measure clothing for the price of off-the-rack. It fits great, which means you look great!

How it Works

Fabric 101: Learn all about our various fabrics. From easy-care jersey to smooth silk to cozy boiled wool, there’s something for everyone! ▶
Step 1. Choose Your Style Classic Styles

We’re driven by style, not trend Trends come and go, but the classics always look great. Elegant, timeless, and ready for your personal touch.

Step 2. Make it Yours Personalized for You.

Choose your neckline, sleeve length and hem length to make each style just the way you want it.

Step 3. Find Your Fit Made to Measure

You supply us with a few basic measurements,and your items are customized to your unique shape and size.

or Standard Sizes

For convenience, order in a standard size. From 0-28, we’ve got you covered. Any size, same price!