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How It Works

custom made clothing for plus size, petite, tall women. made to measure: it just fits.


How does AbbeyPost Made to Measure work?

We're glad you asked. 


Shopping online at most websites can be frustrating.

You search high and low for items that work for your personal style, then you have to guess what sizes to buy.

Often you end up returning the majority of the items because they just don't fit,  or because they aren't the quality you expected.

The old way is a waste of time and money--for you, and for the retailer. 


We want to take the pain out of shopping.


At AbbeyPost, we bring you beautiful, affordable high-quality wardrobe essentials, Made to Measure just for you. 

You get a personalized fit and customized styling.  

No more fitting room hassles. No more returns. No need for alterations. Just great clothes that help you look and feel your very best!


AbbeyPost Made to Measure is a brand new way of shopping online.  


  • * Wardrobe essentials

  • * Designed to flatter specific body shapes

  • * Made for your unique measurements

  • * High quality materials

  • * Excellent workmanship

  • * Made in the USA

  • * All at department store prices!


At AbbeyPost, we create each custom dress specifically for you.  One at a time, by hand, right here in the USA.  

Each AbbeyPost Made to Measure garment is created from the highest quality materials, with the highest standards of workmanship.  

Because we're using advanced technology in new and innovative ways, we're able to offer you fully customized clothing, produced ethically and responsibly,

at department store prices.


Your new wardrobe is delivered right to your doorstep in 2 weeks or less, and shipping is always free.  

We've even built philanthropy into our return policy


AbbeyPost Made to Measure is perfect for plus sizes, petites, tall or any woman who simply wants a great, personalized fit! 


You deserve beautiful, affordable clothes that are well made, fit perfectly, and are produced thoughtfully.

That's our mission, and our commitment to you. 



How do I start building my Made to Measure wardrobe? 


It's easy as 1-2-3... 

  • * 1: Measure

  • * 2: Shop

  • * 3: Customize


The first step is to know your basic measurements and body shape; we'll guide you through understanding your shape when you start here and hover over any of the

shapes shown.


Next, simply choose the style you like best!


Lastly, select the color you want, and choose your customizations.  Most items can be customized with your choice of neckline, hem length, sleeve type.  

 You can let us know whether you would like to provide your measurements now, or later.

That's it! 


If you choose to Add Measurements Now...

A window will pop up asking for your height and your bust, waist and hip measurements. Enter the info, Add to Cart, and you're good to go! 

In some cases, we may contact you to ask for an extra measurement or two to ensure the best possible fit.


If you choose to Add Measurements Later...

A friendly AbbeyPost Customer Success Officer will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase, with instructions on how to gather the

measurements you'll need so that we can ensure a great fit.


As soon as we receive your info, we'll get right to work making your items! 


If you'd like to receive a Free AbbeyPost Welcome Kit, which includes a handy measuring tape and instructions on measuring, sign up here. 


Need tips on how to measure right now? 



Ready to give it a try? 


Shop AbbeyPost Plus Size Dresses







Or Contact Us if you have additional questions. We're here to help! 



At AbbeyPost, we LOVE who you are! 


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