Abbey Post Plus Size Wrap Dresses, 2 Dresses, 4 Looks

As women on-the-go we need clothing that works with us – versatile shapes that flatter our forms. As women with curves (and especially those of us who are plus size!) that’s harder to find than it should be, and some looks never seem to work at all. For as long as we remember we’ve admired the chic style of the wrap dress – even longed to change ourselves to fit its classic shape. We dreamed of wearing a real Diane von Furstenberg original, but her sizes sadly (and strangely) stop at 14.

We spent years scouring the Internet looking for a brand that would fit, but were always disappointed when the mailman finally came. The results seemed to gape, pucker or leave our chests feeling overly exposed. We spent years more convinced that the style just wasn’t FOR us; that Diane was right. It was our fault we couldn’t wear her dresses; not hers.

When we created the Abbey Post wrap dress we knew things would be different – women would finally have access to clothing that actually fits. We transformed our dreams from wishes to change our bodies (which are great by the way!) into one of changing the norms. Our wrap dresses can fit any shape, because we make it to your precise measurements.

 (For more on how the made to measure process works go here.)

Jessica 2

Abbey Post’s Kim Dress

Our custom made wrap dresses are made to measure to a woman’s unique shape, so there is no uncomfortable gape that will cause you to worry or fidget with your clothes. It doesn’t matter if you are bigger up top than you are on the bottom, the reverse or anything in between because the dress was made to fit you, not a store mannequin. Our supple ponte and matte jersey fabrics can easily washable and can be dressed up or down. Not only will your wrap dress fit actually fit, but you can wear it easily from errands in the morning, to work and then out for a night of fun.

Jessica 1

Abbey Post’s Kim Dress

The trick to getting the most wear out of your dress is all in the accessories. Wear your ‘Kim’ dress to work with a pair of classic pumps. Add a cardigan for casual days in the office or a blazer for client meetings. You can count on your made to measure dress to be as adaptable as you, and to always look great. When it’s time to go out for the night add some glam jewelry from our friends over at Bauble Bar. Lose the cardigan or blazer for a wrap, and your look should be good to go.

Morgan Look 1


Abbey Post’s Shala Dress

Whether your wrap dress is short or long, like the ‘Shala’ maxi below, these beautiful basics are the perfect canvas to accessorize with style. Wear your maxi with a fun strappy sandal and a jean jacket on the weekends or while ushering the little ones around to soccer games. It doesn’t matter if you’re called into work to put out a small fire, just trade your denim for a blazer, and add a pair of heals.

morgan look 2

Abbey Post’s Shala Dress

The easy way your wrap dress transitions from one event to another will make it your new go-to look for just about everything. The classic belted style is so easily adjusted that it will look great even if you lose weight. It’s amazing the difference a dress that is fitted for you can make; suddenly this style which had seamed out of reach before will be the look you are always reaching into your closet for.

That’s a wrap…

Find your Abbey Post wrap dress and other basic made to measure styles at Abbey





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