Four Good Reasons (& One Bad Reason) Why You Need a Black Dress

Yes, we know we recently said that plus size holiday dresses don’t have to be black, but they can be.

And if you don’t already have a black dress in your closet, then holiday dress shopping is the perfect time to add one. It’s the one gift to yourself that you’re sure to keep using.

The Little Black Dress is a fashion standby for a reason…make that four reasons!

 1. It’s a classic.

That means that you can’t go wrong with wearing a black dress. Remember three years ago, that green frock you wore for two months before that particular shade went out of style?  Right. But black is always in. No matter how many fashion editors declare that brown is the new black, or gray is the new black, black is still the queen of being black. Buy a great-fitting black dress, and you’ll always have something to wear.

2. It makes a bold statement.

That statement is, “I look fabulous.” Black dresses makes you look sophisticated – a quality lacking in some plus size clothing these days. A black dress makes a visual impact that almost no other color can match. (We have to give props to red when it comes to standing out in a crowd, but it’s still not black.)

3. You can accessorize the heck out of it.

That gorgeous multicolored scarf you bought that goes with practically nothing you own? It goes with a black dress. That exuberant necklace that clashes with everything? Looks amazing with a black dress setting it off. Purple shoes? Why not? Subtle accessories let your black dress do the talking, but you can also let your black dress sing a duet with your favorite baubles.

plus size black dress accessories

Wrap Dress, AbbeyPost Made to Measure, $180 (coming soon)

4. It’s versatile as all get out.

You can wear the same black dress to loads of different occasions. Swap out the accessories, add or remove a jacket and you can wear the same black dress to the office, a holiday party, a concert, and lunch with friends. That elusive Day to Night outfit that fashion editors are always talking about, but doesn’t really seem to exist? It’s a black dress with an accessory change. Black dresses are so versatile that one woman wore the same dress for a month without repeating a look, and another did it for a year.

Plus Size Custom Dress Versatile

Sheath Dress & Bolero Jacket, AbbeyPost Made to Measure, $190. (coming soon!)


And what’s the bad reason?

Because it’s allegedly slimming.

Allegedly being the key word. A black dress isn’t an invisibility cloak or a magic compression garment. Women (whether they wear plus sizes or not) prize black because they think it makes them look smaller, but why are we trying to diminish ourselves? (Every part of ourselves except our chests, of course.) Plus, if you’re trying to look small, you’re probably slouching (which makes any dress look bad) and worrying about how you look during the party (which is a total buzzkill).

When you’re going to a holiday party, make an entrance in all your glory. Let everyone see how fabulous you look in your classic little black dress!





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