Cheap Plus Size Clothes Aren't Worth the Cost

It seems like everyone wants cheap plus size clothing. Not well made, not stylish, but cheap. And what has this gotten us? A closet full of ill-fitting clothes that don’t last and are uncomfortable to wear because they’re made from synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe. How have we gotten to this point?

Do we really believe that we’re only worth $20-$30?

Part of the problem has got to be the traditional lack of well-made, fashionable plus size women’s clothing options. No one’s going to spend a lot of money on a shapeless t-shirt. And many retailers and manufacturers are apparently convinced that “plus size” equates to all sorts of negative stereotypes. They consistently put out poorly made, badly produced items (many made in foreign sweatshops), because they think it’s “good enough” and that we don’t care or know any better.

If you’re a plus size woman, then you know what it’s like to go clothes shopping and feel like the entire fashion industry has so much contempt for you that you resolve to hand over the smallest amount of money possible – which in a lot of cases would probably be $0 if you didn’t have to worry about dying of exposure or embarrassment.

There’s hope…

But those days are over! These days there are loads of plus size women’s clothing retailers just aching to sell you attractive, well-made outfits – including, of course, AbbeyPost.  And if some of that clothing is merely affordable instead of cheap, that’s because it’s made to last. When you consider cost per wear, clothes that you might think are expensive, are actually less costly than the cheap stuff.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re creating for you: high quality wardrobe basics that are made to your measurements (!!!) so they fit you perfectly. At department store prices. Yes, that’s right, affordable made to measure clothing for the rest of us. It is possible!  Need a perfect black dress? (or how about a perfect red, blue, or green dress?) It’s coming soon, from AbbeyPost Made to Measure.

 plus size custom made dress

What’s Cost Per Wear?

If you buy a pair of $7 tights that rip the first time you wear them, then those tights cost you $7 per wear. But if you buy a pair of $15 tights, made from a Lycra blend to help them last longer) and you wear them once a week for 12 weeks (as I have), that comes to $1.25 per wear. If they’re well made enough that you can wear them again next winter, that comes to 63 cents per wear. So the cheaper tights are actually much more expensive.

The same logic applies to all your clothes – cheap jeans that wear out between the thighs in one season, shirts that discolor when you try to remove a stain, skirts whose seams rip in the dryer. Yes, you may have spent only $20-$30 on each item, but how quickly did they become trash?

And we all know how hard it is to find a flattering pair of jeans – when you finally find them, do you want a $30 pair that isn’t going to last, or a $200 pair that will last for years?

“But I’m Going to Lose Weight”

Yes, dieting is the national female pastime. Maybe you are going to lose weight. But you still have to get dressed today. And well-made clothes hold up to tailoring much better than the cheap stuff. And if something can’t be tailored, you can give it away or sell it online to someone who’ll appreciate it. All people do with discarded cheap clothes is donate them to charity shops that don’t need them.

But What About Stains?

It’s true. The abundant plus size chest is quite the magnet for spills and stains. But high-quality fabric can stand up to stain removal without discoloring. And your friendly neighborhood dry cleaner can get out a stain for much less than the cost of replacing a cheap top or dress. Or, just consult Martha Stewart’s handy dandy stain removal chart.

martha stewart stain removal

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When you really look at it, cheap plus size clothes are a false economy. We deserve better – and it’s there, waiting for us to buy, and love, and look great wearing.

Because doggone it, we’re WORTH IT!





  • Bonni Chapman
    March 6, 2014

    Look around clothing designers and manufacturers! I see women shaped like me every wear, but I can’t find any nice, quality clothes. I would pay a good price for a business suit that fit, and buy it in several colors, if I could find one. I can find some casual clothes, like jeans, but forget finding any quality clothes for a professional woman of a certain age.

  • Julie
    February 5, 2014

    I’m sure we deserve better – but some of us can’t afford it. Heck, even a $20 – $30 top is pushing it.

    • abbey
      February 5, 2014

      Julie, that’s a valid point! Thanks for commenting–we learn from every comment, so we really appreciate you taking the time!