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Get to know AbbeyPost


cynthia     Cynthia Schames, Founder & CEO

AbbeyPost was founded in 2013 by Cynthia Schames. Not only is Cynthia a Plus Size woman herself, but she has deep domain expertise in ecommerce and technology. Prior to AbbeyPost, Cynthia was the Founder and CEO of La Boite Orange, an online consignment store for luxury handbags and accessories. Cynthia is the Mom of young twins and has two wonderful golden retrievers. 

lex-mustafin  Alexey Mustafin, Cofounder & CTO

 Alexey is AbbeyPost's Co-Founder and is an experienced systems architect, multi-faceted web developer and designer. Prior to joining AbbeyPost, Alexey spent 5+ years developing and architecting ecommerce sites and web apps for a number of fashion companies. Alexey is also well-versed in SEO and SEM, making him a double threat. Most recently, he was the Senior Information Architect at a Digital Agency in New York City. 

cassaundra-bourne     Cassaundra Bourne, VP Production

After 20 years in the fashion business owning and operating a Haute Couture Boutique on Newberry Street in Boston, MA, Independent American Fashion Designer Cassaundra designed a collection of wardrobe essentials that are stylish, customizable, and affordable. Cassaundra is responsible for AbbeyPost's design, production and manufacturing in the Atlanta, GA metro area. 

    Sarah Sapora, Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah is AbbeyPost's CMO, and is responsible for all marketing, branding and promotional activities. Sarah comes to us from a long and successful career in marketing and PR, having worked with such brands as SWAK Designs and MGM Resorts, and Chippendale's. She is a well-known voice in the plus size fashion industry, and brings a bright spark to the AbbeyPost team. Sarah lives and works in the San Mateo, CA area. 

Letter from the CEO


If you're reading this, chances are you're one of the millions of women who are really frustrated with the experience of trying to shop for clothing. I know exactly how that feels. 

My name is Cynthia, the founder and CEO of AbbeyPost. I'm a plus size woman who also happens to be 5'1" and really curvy.  I probably don't have to tell you how much trouble I have always had trying to find things that really fit well, and were attractive, versatile and well made.

I founded this company because I was sick of having no idea what size to buy, hassling with mailing back returns, and with the poor quality of most plus size clothing.The truth is, traditional retail ignores the needs of the Plus Size consumer. Shopping for Plus Size clothing can be really frustrating. Sizing varies widely from brand to brand. Retailers are pulling Plus Size out of stores. There are very few places talk about and enjoy fashion if you're above a size 10. And so on.

We want to change all that.   


* AbbeyPost has created a line of beautiful, affordable, fully custom clothing at a price point similar to what you'd pay at Macy's or Bloomingdales for a mass-manufactured item.  

* AbbeyPost is a positive environment where women of all shapes and sizes enjoy a highly personal shopping experience, and find the right fit the first time! 

* We're dedicated to delivering the absolute best customer service humanly possible.  And we promise to listen to you. Always.

* Our products are custom made for you, made with love in the USA, delivered in 2 weeks or less, at department store prices. 

Want more information about How It Works?  We use the power of advanced data technology and cutting-edge CAD patterning systems to create custom made to measure women's apparel scalably, cost-effectively, and quickly. We've made significant investments into developing technology, computer and manufacturing hardware, and partnerships, so that we can deliver the items you want, at a price you can afford, in the size and shape that fits YOU. 

For customers who feel that their bodies don't require a precise custom fit, we've also introduced standard sizes 2-28 in every product we make. You simply choose an item you like, then customize the neckline, sleeve length and hem to your individual preferences. That’s all there is to it!

Thank you for being a part of AbbeyPost!  We're so happy you're here. 



Cynthia Schames

Founder and CEO, AbbeyPost


Want to know more about what we stand for? Read our Philosophy.

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Contact Us:

Mail Us:  55 East Third Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94404

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